The Art of Work

On the 13th of September I was invited to be part of an employer branding panel at the Art of Work for it’s first live event in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Hosted by Homerun and Spaces this event hit the right note in topic, surroundings and audience. Simply put: a great event! NRC wrote an article on it and this blog is the English recap of that article. Enjoy.

A warm welcome in Veenhuizen

On Tuesday June 26th I spoke at the employer brand event in Veenhuizen, near Assen in the north of the Netherlands. Veenhuizen? Never heard of it. Me neither! But when I arrived after a 4.5-hour train journey, I landed in a truly beautiful area with a lot of history (known from the National Prison Museum, typical housing and wide green terrain). I was really surprised.

How robots shape the new world of work

We read about it regularly in the paper, online and through research papers: our jobs are disappearing due to technology! But we also learn through research that technology creates new jobs. Be as it may, technology has an impact on our society. In fact, it is the biggest trend today and in the future. And with that said, it also has an impact on your employer branding- and recruitment strategy and -communications.

Vitality as part of your internal employer brand

By working overtime, companies are able to tackle labor market shortages for a while but they won't be able to sustain it for long time. You will have to look for structural solutions for your staff shortages. Longer term solutions such as employer branding are suitable for attracting new employees and retaining current employees, but the art is also to avoid the dropping out of current employees at all times.