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Vitality as part of your internal employer brand


Vitality as part of your internal employer brand

Yves Pilet

Vitality beats working working overtime

By working overtime, companies are able to tackle labor market shortages for a while but they won't be able to sustain it for long time. You will have to look for structural solutions for your staff shortages. Longer term solutions such as employer branding are suitable for attracting new employees and retaining current employees, but the art is also to avoid the dropping out of current employees at all times. The importance of employee vitality should therefore not be underestimated and will only increase in times of economic growth.

It was great for me to see that the first ever Vital Worker Day was organized in my own province of Limburg by the 'Vitaal Limburg' Network on the 20th of April. During that day, which started with an outdoor barefoot walk (surprising but refreshing!), we gained more insight into soft aspects of working life. In particular, the importance of relaxation is this increasingly, pressure-focused society.


Of particular interest were the two keynote speaker, the blind Esther Crombag and the 'burn-out girl' Masscha Mooy, who spoke successively about blind trust and (the avoidance of) a burn-out.


Current employees need your help

An instructive day that has made even clearer that the importance of retaining current employees is crucial in these times. Attracting new employees through recruitment is only part of the solution. By keeping your current employees vital, giving them time to relax and avoiding a burn-out at all times (the costs per employee are 120k!), you not only make your employees more vital, healthier and happier but more productive. Hence, they will be able to do their job the right way, without building up unnecessary tensions. Are you already working on it as an employer? Whether you do or don't, please take these tips from Masscha Mooy from Buy Buy Burn-out to heart:

• Work in 90-minute sessions (and take a break!)
• Do something creative (at work or outside!)
• Do not have lunch at your desk (but go outside!)
• Go to bed earlier (and start your day fresh!)

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