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The global labour market is changing. The economy is growing and the war on talents is on. Employees won and recruitment alone does not work anymore. Employers need to use employer branding to achieve their goals, but how?


AVAILABLE TODAY: Boost Your Employer Brand


As of today, November 15th 2017, my book 'Boost Your Employer Brand' is for sale. This book is about why employer branding is important, what it means and how an organisation can attract, motivate and retain staff using the Blue Print methodology. With this method, every organisation is able to become attractive to current and new employees. The application of Blue Print leads to a stronger employer brand, which makes employees more loyal and motivated, become loyal and improve financial performance. Employers are enthusiastic about the Blue Print methodology, which can also be explained through a video course. The book is intended for directors, HR, Recruitment, Marketing and Communications departments and students at colleges and universities.



Finding the right talent

Several organisations — no matter how big or small the size — are always on the lookout for highly skilled, creative, and overall talented individuals who are employed to occupy certain positions within the organisation. These individuals are all equally directed to carry out strategic, official activities guided by the organisation’s established policies, rules, and regulations in a united effort to achieve the organisation’s predetermined goals and objectives. Without doubt, the business world is crippled with the problem of talent shortage, hence the need for senior management staff and human resource managers to stem the tide by doubling their efforts towards attracting and retaining talents. The potential labour pool keeps getting smaller, and consequently, talents are scarce both in quantitative and qualitative terms. However, the onus lies on companies to develop new methods through which much needed talents can be attracted and employed in the right quantity and required quality as they see fit.


Employer brand management is the most hybrid of disciplines.
— Richard Mosley, Global Head of Strategy at Universum and Author of the Preface of 'Boost Your Employer Brand'

Be open and transparent

One of such features is employer brand management, which was widely adopted in the year 2010 when the corporate world was faced with challenges regarding the best ways to deal with staff right. In this book, a similar conclusion emerges: a ‘basic brand’’ not only relies more heavily on its corporate brand, but it’s also has an autocratic style of management control. In the society today, where the world is indeed a global neighbourhood and social media transparency is increasingly possible, companies with this type of management control are becoming more and more obsolete. A shift to an open, corporate culture is the future. ‘Champion brands’’ have understood this. They know that a strong corporate sense can only exist when the employer brand supports the mission and vision of the company in the long run. The more companies think in silos, the more difficult it becomes to attract and retain talent.




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Connecting education and employers

Currently, the employer brand market lacks the much-needed connection with the labour market. The education and (non-)commercial sectors are always expected to fit together, but the role of the employer brand in this divide is not clearly portrayed. To ameliorate the status quo, there is the need to improve cooperation between the government and the industries. If companies are to share insights about where the future needs of their employees lie on their sectorial employer brand, the government should also assist by sending educational initiatives that connect to it.


Employer brand management as an investment

As a result of demographic trends, the labour market is bound to change in the medium and long terms. As a result, companies will have to make increasing efforts to attract, engage, and retain the right employees. To tie talents, an organisation can invest in strengthening its employer brand. As senior management focuses normally on return on investment, it is important to demonstrate that strategic investments give the organisation a strong employer brand. Only with a positive return on investment will the senior management decide positively on this. Senior management will have to see what’s in it for them. The key to understanding the basics and core dynamics hidden beneath the concept of the employer brand to achieve financial success is by attracting, engaging, and retaining the right employees at the right time.



A thorough approach for success

It is important to mention here that this book is not written to address change but to beam the spotlight on the employer brand while providing logical answers to equally critical questions about the concept of employer brand: Why is it important? What is it exactly? And how can you as an employer boost your employer brand be strengthened to attract, engage and retain talent? To help you boost your employer brand I’ve developed a practical model based on my research: Blue Print. It describes the phases every employer brand goes through to reach new heights in order to attract, engage and retain talent, create loyal customers and achieve better financial results. Each phase contains of one or more practical tools to help you in your task to build a better employer brand. Furthermore, I’ll explain in the book how Management, Human Resource, and Marketing departments in any organisation can boost their employer brand. To all of you in pursuit of a powerful employer brand I wish you the best of luck.

Yves Pilet - Employer branding specialist and Author of 'Boost Your Employer Brand'



If you want to read more about the book 'Boost Your Employer Brand', then simply go here.

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