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Talent is not enough

Organizations are always looking for talent, but talent as such is just not enough. To make talent really live up to their promise, they have to take pride in their work at your organization and they have to work there long enough. As time progresses, real talent continuously looks to improve itself.


Motivation is just as important

The image of an employer is influenced by its corporate culture and corporate brand. If an organization is open to new ideas and its corporate brand is characterized as strong then its employer brand is also likely to be strong. A strong employer brand means that talented employees are attracted to the employer and that it’s easier for an employer to retain employees. The employer brand works like a magnet for talent in the labor market. Attracting better qualified staff is one of the advantages of an employer brand program. It makes it easier to get good candidates, but talent is not enough. To provide added value to an organization, employees must be not only talented, but motivated as well. Motivation ensures that employees are more productive. They do their work with pleasure, have a healthy level of ambition and take pride into their work. The latter is particularly important for employer branding. People make the organization's brand and employees make the employer brand. If pride is missing, an employer brand doesn’t live up to its potential.


Video: Job interview at Heineken (New employees: mix talent, motivation and pride)

Your employees' pride makes you credible as an employer
Proud employees like to talk with their social environment, on- and offline, about their job. As an employer, provide your employees with that the image that you’re the one to work for. People tend to believe someone they know personally more and trust than a job advert or a career site. Use this to your advance, because if the needs of employees aren’t met, they’re likely to be disloyal to you. A strong employer brand makes sure that employees stay longer with their current employer. As a result, they learn the business and appreciate their current employer as time progresses.

Experience makes the real difference
True, an organization with a strong employer brand is better able to attract and retain employees. A strong employer brand attracts not only new employees, but also the right employees: those who identify with an employer. That employee is motivated to carry out her work and discovers that the external perception of the employer fits with its internal image (or not, if the employee decides to leave). The employee is therefore loyal to her employer. This is especially true with experienced employees: these employees learn on the job how to deal effectively with their work day-to-day. They become aware of the relevant details in their work and (un)consciously make improvements upon it. Real talent therefore gets better through experience.

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