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Dear Mr. Mosley

In September of last year Richard Mosley, the British guru in the field of employer branding, launched his second book: Employer Brand Management. His first book, The Employer Brand, appeared in 2005, which he co-wrote with Simon Barrow. This blog is an open letter to Richard about his second book, the striking cover, my own book and my employer brand question to Richard.


Dear Mr. Mosley,


Late last year I took a plane to London for a seminar. It was a meeting of specialists who each did their story about a love we have in common: employer branding. For that trip I packed my suitcase with all the usual things like clothes, bag and passport. I just wanted a suitcase for hand luggage so there wasn’t much space, but I managed to leave enough for a book I ordered in May earlier that year: your latest book 'Employer Brand Management - Practical Lessons from the World's Leading Employers.'

Since your first book on employer branding, 'The Employer Brand - Bringing the Best of Brand Management to People at Work', I’ve been looking forward to the sequel. When I travel, I like to spend my time reading a good book. And this was one of them. What I like about it, is the right balance between theory and practice. I myself am someone who likes to reasons from theory, understands that this is not always the case in reality, but provides handles to steer brand related issues in practice. You did a great job in your second book. Again, well done, Richard (I still haven’t met you in real life, but can I call you by your first name?).

During my flight to London I looked at the front cover of your latest book. A smile appeared slowly on my face. To my great surprise, I found a portrait shot of myself on the cover! I immediately remembered that you contacted some LinkedIn members, myself included, in early 2014 to ask if you could use our profile photo for the book cover, but I didn’t think I was on them. I’m on Richard Mosley’s book on employer brand management, nice!

As you can read on The Brand Valley site, I am currently busy writing my own book on employer branding. I knew it was a lot of work, but I didn’t know it was that much work. It’s a real challenge, but one that provides great satisfaction. For years, I want to put my thoughts on paper and in such a way that someone else could use them to their advantage. Sharing knowledge is a great starting point: it calls out for discussion, new insights and contributes to the development of, in this case, a relatively young discipline.

I read recently on LinkedIn that you changed jobs. For years you were part of People in Business, but now you switched to one of the largest employer brand organizations in the world: Universum. First of all: congratulations! Together with the Universum, you can undoubtedly strive for further greatness, but in the context of employer branding, I have a burning question on my mind: why did you choose for this particular employer and not for your current or another? In other words, why do you want work for this employer?


Sincerely, a fellow enthusiast of employer branding,


Yves Pilet


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